Why Choose Us?
Home Health Care at Goodwill Plus, Incorporated is a perfect balance of expertise and creativity. The care approaches that we employ remain flexible from the start. Personalized care like no other...
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Why Choose Us

Any organization is only as good as the care philosophies that they believe in. Goodwill Plus, Incorporated is grounded on the following concepts:

Promoting and Maintaining your Independence
Your home is the best, most comfortable setting that you can ever be. This is the place where you can maximize the level of independence as allowed by your health. By delivering our home health care services straight to your home, we enable you to maintain that home-comfort you’ve become accustomed to. Knowing this, we will act on our designated roles to enhance your health and encourage your independence as we provide you with treatment services you’ve been prescribed with.

Safety in Your Home is always a Priority
When you become our client, we will schedule a visit to your home to evaluate your living conditions and note areas that you will need the most assistance in. We check for health and safety hazards as we suggest adjustments that will promote better health and faster recovery.

Keeping a Care Team of Dedicated Professionals
Dedication is nothing without the proper training. On the other hand, a professional without the heart to care will wither out shortly after he is hired. At Goodwill Plus, Incorporated, we only hire people who have a balance of professionalism and dedication. Professional nurses, therapists and social workers in our network are licensed, bonded and insured. They have been screened for ample training and education that will enable them to perform their duties once assigned to work in your homes. Above all, we look for the dedication in each applicant who passes through our hiring staff. A person who genuinely dedicates himself or herself into the profession of being a healthcare practitioner radiates from the crowd of job seekers. We keep a keen eye to spot such applicants and we are proud to be with the dedicated team we have now.

At Goodwill Plus, Incorporated, we believe that care comes from the heart of the professional who handles the health of the patient at home. Visit our office and meet our staff. Call 323-725-7620 for more information.