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Home Health Care at Goodwill Plus, Incorporated is a perfect balance of expertise and creativity. The care approaches that we employ remain flexible from the start. Personalized care like no other...
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Mission, Vision, Goals and Values

Our Mission

Goodwill Plus, Incorporated is committed to promote and maintain the independence and well-being of individuals and families by offering the highest quality of home care services that is safe and cost-effective and treating them with dignity, compassion and respect.

This mission is guided by the following:

  • Providing a broad base of services with patient’s demand governing the scope allowing them to be involved in establishing, implementing and evaluating services;
  • To function as a liaison between patients and available community resources with collaboration with hospitals, physician, managed care organizations, and other professionals, and will seek to apply the latest technology and medical advancement;
  • To train tomorrow’s health care practitioners to become competent, humane and ethical health care providers and educators;
  • To provide home care services regardless of age, religion, sex, nationality, disability and social status;
  • We value our employees and will continue to create a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork and creativity.

Our Vision

Goodwill Plus, Incorporated will advance its standing as the leader among the top quality home care providers. Our patients, community and referral sources will view us as the premiere resource for exceptional homecare service available.

We envision a society where each individual is afforded health, wellness and human dignity. This vision embraces a system of healthcare that is inclusive… accessible… affordable… and accountable.

Goodwill Plus, Incorporated will be more competitive, committed through a system of networking served by competent, compassionate and socially responsible professionals, working as a team and will strive for excellence and leadership, focusing on patient-centered care and their unique needs.

Our Philosophy/Goal

Goodwill Plus, Incorporated is a mission-driven organization providing comprehensive homecare services which improve the quality of life of individuals in the communities.

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our internal and external clients. Our values will define our philosophy, standards and qualities to guide us in how we go about our daily activities and how we will make decisions to achieve our vision.

Our Values

C COMPASSION – The client is our reason for being, and we will provide him/her with care, courteous attention and service. We treat each person with dignity and respect.
I INNOVATION – We encourage initiatives that help us do things better to foster continuous learning to find new ways to serve our community and to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity.
P PARTICIPATION – Our people are the most important resources in the organization. We will be most effective when each person is encouraged to contribute to the level of his/her capabilities and recognized their high performance. From this, we develop a sense of “ownership”, of enthusiasm, positive attitude, and pride.
I INTEGRITY – Our success will be determined by many factors, but the successful organization must have a foundation of ethical behavior, fairness and trust in all of its relationships.
C COMMUNICATION – We consult, ask, inform and receive information in an open and nonjudgmental atmosphere.
E EXCELLENCE – Our intent is to offer superior service for every individual we serve, in every relationship we establish. This is our character.